Meet The Maker

Danial Rees demonstrating ring making

Hi my name is Dan, I'm a jewellery designer and Youtuber based in sunny West Sussex.  I specialise in creating far out rings using unusual materials like Damascus steel, exotic woods, fossils, meteorites and precious metals.

Strong people have strong emotions and I believe you deserve jewellery that reflects that.  That's why I craft all of my jewellery by hand to ensure each piece is as powerful as your love!

You work hard, you play hard, you crush your passion projects and you've earned the best things in life.  You need jewellery as well made as you.

I've made rings for thousands of customers all over the world and I've taught many other designers how to make beautiful jewellery of their own.  My Youtube channel is slowly growing and my online courses help others to live their creative dream.

Join me on my journey to make the world a more beautiful place, one piece of jewellery at a time!